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MICHELIN BIB MOUSSE M18 | 120/90-18R - 100/100-18R

MICHELIN BIB MOUSSE M18 | 120/90-18R - 100/100-18R

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Protection against flats for serious off-road racers.
  • Made from a multi-cellular butyl material, replaces conventional tubes, providing a pressure equivalent of approximately 13 psi (0.9 bar).
  • Specifically designed for off-road use, at speeds up to 80 mph (130 km/h). Above this speed, heat build-up can lead to rapid destruction of the Bib Mousse, resulting in serious injury to the rider.
  • Under no circumstances should Bib Mousse be fitted to motorcycles for on-road use.
  • Bib Mousse may be used only with Michelin off-road tires. Because Bib Mousse is shaped for a perfect fit inside Michelin tires, use of Bib Mousse with other brands of tires can lead to handling instability and possible destruction of Bib Mousse.
  • Each Bib Mousse includes a tube of Bib Mousse Fitting Gel. Be sure to follow installation instructions supplied with the product.
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