Collection: PIT VIPER


Our Mission: 

"Sunrise to sunset, reef breaks to ridge lines, holeshots to holy shit, we build the functional, fun-loving gear that is serious about taking things less seriously. Our foundation is creating eyewear that can take a beating. Our goal is building quality gear for the activities we love. We are bold. We take chances. We will always deliver the optimal blend of style and performance.
So, where’s the party at? It’s anywhere. It’s a mindset. It’s an 'everyone come along', 'let’s have a good time', 'we take care of each other' attitude that encourages you to fly your flag and share the stage with other people that fly theirs. We call these people Key Players.
Big deal if you didn’t 'make varsity,' so what if you weren’t 'prom royalty,' who cares that you don’t 'own a toothbrush.' Key Players come from all backgrounds to take life by the horns, bring home the bacon, throw you a curveball, put all their eggs in one basket, tickle your funny bone, ham it up, break the ice and the glass ceiling, and always lay out the welcome mat. 
Whatever your definition of party, that is where Pit Viper aims to be."