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What gear should I bring?

The answer to this question will vary a bit based on your personal preferences, climate, season, type of adventure, etc.  However, this list is a great place to start. 
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Without a doubt, the single most important piece of riding gear  you will purchase and own.  Our experience has taught us to spare no expense on the best protection in this category, though there are plenty of affordable options.

Don’t cut corners in this department.

The right pants can make or break any ride.  They provide protection, comfort and warmth (or keep you cool).  The same can be said for your riding jersey.

In the spring, fall, and winter, make sure you’re using a lens that is anti-fog, otherwise, you might have a hard time seeing.



Gloves are another gear item that warrant careful consideration but are often overlooked.  Warm temps require a light and breathable glove while cooler temps leave us searching for a pair that can shield our hands from the wet and cold.


At the least, you should wear a set of knee pads (just in case you crash).  Elbow pads are not a bad idea either, for the same reason.  Compression shorts often provide some padding in the thigh and buttocks area–crucial for those long days on the trail. 


A good riding jacket will protect you from the elements and can possibly store a few items for easy access.  Again, let the elements determine what type of riding jacket you use. 

Riding jackets are rarely needed for trail rides when temperatures climb over 70 degrees.  Between this temp and 50 degrees, a lightweight (and breathable) jacket works quite well.  Once temps dip below 50, we start looking to layer our undergarments or reach for a warmer (but still breathable) jacket


No matter the length of your ride, it is wise to have some means of hydration on hand.  We opt to wear packs with hydration systems integrated but you can simply stow water bottles too.

If temps are really hot, water may not deliver enough of what you need.  Consider adding some form of electrolyte mix to your drink to help keep you hydrated.


If you have further questions about the appropriate gear to bring for one of our adventures, please contact us.